Tuesday, August 05, 2008

ETYMOLOGY - From Sanskrit to English

Sanskrit - aham = ah + am. Remove am = ah = I of English

Sanskrit - vayam = vi + am. Remove am = vi = we of English

Sanskrit - tvam = tu + am. Remove am = tu of old English e.g. ye tu Brutus

Sanskrit - yuuyam = yuu + am. Remove am = yuu = you of English

Sanskrit - idam = id + am Remove am = id = it of English

Sanskrit - they = they of English

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Dilip Subramanian said...

Such similarities are striking in many East Asian languages, for whom the old language Pali Prakrut is the mother. For example, in Malay language Maaf is pardon. In Indoneasia, one can find "Dirgah Ayuhu Indonesia" banners all over the country during the National day festivities... and half the names of Thais smack of Sansrkit.